JD Courtoy

Tech Driver & Coding Samurai

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Samurai are servant warriors known for their virtue—which is my mindset approaching software development. I have a passion for solving complicated problems using the simplest possible solution and seek to work with other like-minded polyglots who utilize the right tools for the job at hand. I strive to humbly delight consumers of my work, and am a life-long, continuous student of the software development community.



Aug 2017 - Present Staff Full Stack Engineer

  • Led company implementation of Authentication standards, such as OAuth 2.0 / OIDC, and custom secure cross-platform token exchanges.
  • Spearheaded the overhaul of the company’s Authentication/Authorization services from an in-house implementation to an industry-standard Okta implementation by evaluating vendors, establishing a budget & roadmap, pitching the idea to top-level executives, gaining stakeholder buy-in from across the entire company, and leading engineering on the project.
  • Architected and built a functioning prototype of an identity management system based on Okta in order to garner feedback, gain engineering stakeholder buy-in, and better prepare for engineering execution.
  • Re-architected and re-built authentication-related Kong edge gateway plugins to increase ownership, visibility, efficiency, reliability, and maintainability of Auth & Sessions-related services.

Lead Full Stack Engineer

  • Served as interim manager for 6 months on the Authentication squad.
  • Led 3 individual teams of ~6 engineers each as domain & engineering expert, coding mentor, and force multiplier.
  • Established & sponsored the first two yearly all-company Hackathons (IN/HACK) to rave review, bringing together a total of 34 teams with members from across the company ranging from Engineering to Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, and Executives. Sixteen (16) separate ideas were implemented directly into the product.
  • Re-architected and broke apart monoliths across the company into fully functional & independently scalable microservices which dramatically increased engineering velocity and reliability.
  • Architected & built the internal “Flow” React framework which led to much lower friction between Product, Design, and Engineering when iterating on UX.
  • Pioneered both end-to-end & API contract testing approaches at InVision in order to increase confidence in fully automated releases.
  • Guided organization architecture around Node.JS implementations & best practices by being the Architecture group’s voice on the topic, and actively contributing code & feedback to other team’s Node.JS services.
  • Designed, built, and supported the “hero-rotator” Slack bot for codifying the organization’s on-call schedules which saw ~90% adoption rate across engineering teams.

Tech Stack: Go, Node.JS, React, Docker, AWS, Github Actions, Prometheus, MySQL, MongoDB, Kong


Jan 2016 - Aug 2017 Sr. Software Engineer

  • Greased the mobile app’s wheels by providing back-end development in Node.JS and DevOps support for the public API.
  • Broke key Node.JS microservices out of the existing monolithic .NET application while maintaining application integrity during customer use.

  • Architected, built, and evangelised the mobile and web push notifications platform.
  • Championed and built the ChatOps-enabled delivery pipeline for both the mobile app and microservices exploiting feature toggles for continuous deployments with weekly deployments on mobile and daily deployments on the back-end.
  • Fostered technical direction and mentoring for Jr. and Sr. developers alike by leading code reviews, helping QA level up their automation chops, pushing new concepts into code spikes, and transitioning those spikes into delivered features.
  • Open-sourced several projects related to RabbitMQ and ChatOps (see Projects section: Mobot, Bucko, rabbit-topology, amqplib-topology, and amqplib-mocks).

Tech Stack: Node.JS, React, C#, F#, .NET, Azure, SQL Server, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, Bitrise

NC2 Media

Feb 2015 - Jan 2016 Sr. Full Stack Developer

  • Architected and built a cutting-edge marketplace platform for video sales built on a microservices architecture.
  • Automated “all the things” dealing with continuous delivery to the Azure cloud as resident DevOps evangelist.
  • Supported the team in establishing an agile development culture, and the adoption of new coding standards, peer code reviews, and tooling.
  • Drove lean development practices, scalable architectures, and MVP delivery.
  • Provided technical direction and mentoring to Jr. and Sr. developers alike.
  • Open-sourced a few of our internal tools including a scaffolding engine for our front-end SPA apps, and Be-Be, our friendly chat ops automation bot.

Tech Stack: C#, F#, AngularJS, Node.JS, .NET, Teamcity, Azure, DocumentDB, Redis


Apr 2014 - Feb 2015 Sr. Development Tech Lead

  • Architected a new platform built around microservices to “strangle out” hard to test, defect-prone, and unmanageable code into modular, single purpose units which could be utilized across tenants.
  • Instrumental in designing and implementing a trunk-based build and deployment pipeline which facilitated continuous delivery for our department with daily deployments.
  • Instrumental in establishing an agile development culture, and driving success through the adoption of new coding standards, peer code reviews, and tooling.
  • Pushed technical excellence by achieving 100% peer-reviewed and tested code, adoption of new languages and tools, and leading the team through a truly successful Scrum process. Our team was viewed internally and externally as the cutting edge of Asurion.
  • Led groups of technical and business colleagues through Sharpen-the-Saw meet-ups in order to drive knowledge share across the company.
  • Provided technical direction and training to Junior developers across teams, culminating in universal improvement in produced quality across the department.
  • Ushered in the company’s first OSS initiative by providing a candidate project (Feature Toggles).

Tech Stack: Java, Groovy, AngularJS, Cucumber, Spring 4 + Boot, Jenkins, Thoughtworks Go

WPC Services

Oct 2013 - Mar 2014 Sr. Application Architect

  • Rebuilt a legacy HL7 BizTalk messaging dashboard into a modular tiered architecture.
  • Performed an audit of the Integration Services department at HCA, assessing the current and desired future state of their architecture.

Tech Stack: C#, .NET, SQL Server 2012, Lucene, BizTalk 2012, Azure

Press Ganey Associates

Nov 2009 - Oct 2013 Director, Customer Experience

  • Supplied technical direction and management to a team of 20 developers across multiple ongoing projects (both existing and new).
  • Architected and drove implementation of a service-oriented approach to the Physician Playbook (PPB) application.
  • Recruited and hired a team of some of the best data warehousing experts in the SQL Server space to architect and implement a Kimball-style data warehouse expected to grow upwards of 200TB. The warehouse was designed to consolidate clinical, financial, patient satisfaction, and quality data into a single analytics engine.
  • Coordinated with different internal groups comprised of developers, product owners, and senior management to architect and deliver the warehouse as well as MDM solutions for patients, physicians, and facilities.
  • Designed and implemented a query API that would allow for applications across the enterprise to ask questions of the warehouse in order to consolidate the metric, benchmark, and statistical calculations used by the business.

Tech Stack: C#, NServiceBus, RavenDB, SQL Server 2012, TeamCity

Director, Software Architecture

  • Architected and built the Quality Performer (QP) front-end website using a CQRS architecture and dynamic workflow engine.
  • Architected and built the Clinical Performer (CP) large-scale (20TB) data analytics dashboard.
  • Supplied technical direction and management to a team of 10 developers across multiple ongoing projects.
  • Established a successful Scrum implementation that could gauge team cadence and deliver on that cadence regularly.
  • Coached team members on patterns, usage, and acceptable development practices.
  • Implemented continuous integration and push-button deployments.

Tech Stack: C#, jQuery, KnockoutJS, RaphaelJS, MDX, RavenDB, XText, TeamCity

Data Advantage, LLC

Jan 2008 - Nov 2009 Director of Software Architecture

Tech Stack: C#, SQL Server 2008 R2, jQuery, RaphaelJS, HighCharts, ArcGIS

Loch Erin

Feb 2007 - Jan 2008 Principal Software Architect

Tech Stack: C#, WCF, WF, SQL Server 2008

Community Health Systems

Feb 2007 - Jan 2008 Sr. Web Developer

Tech Stack: C#, SQL Server


https://github.com/LeanKit-Labs/slack-mobots LeanKit Mobile squad’s automation chat bot
https://github.com/Bunk/ae-bucko-public LeanKit Tag & Release automation chat bot
https://github.com/Bunk/rabbit-topology RabbitMQ DSL parser for defining a topology
https://github.com/Bunk/amqplib-topology Asserts a Rabbit MQ topology using the amqp.node library.
https://github.com/Bunk/amqplib-mocks Mocks for the amqp.node library
http://github.com/Bunk/trellow An awesome Windows Phone 8 Trello client leveraging SignalR, Caliburn Micro, and SimpleContainer in C#.
http://github.com/Bunk/flippers A feature toggles microservice built on the MEAN stack with planned client support in JavaScript, C#, Java, and Ruby.
http://github.com/Bunk/resume This resume hosted as a continuous deployment project written in Markdown and deployed as a simple HTML site.


Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
2000 - 2005 Georgia Institute of Technology


Expert (★★★★☆)
Node.JS, React, Docker, Git, OOD, OAuth 2.0 / SAML, Lean / Kanban / Scrum / Agile, SQL, Architecture & Messaging Patterns
Advanced (★★★☆☆)
Go, Kubernetes, AWS, MongoDB
Familiar (★★☆☆☆)
Vue.js, Java, Spring, Ruby